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Meet members of The Goulash Gang: Zach, Chix, Maddy, and Marley, just a few of author Corey Holtzberg’s real life pets. They are called the Goulash Gang because they, like goulash, are a mix of many different things. Different animals from many different backgrounds that find themselves living together as a family. Based on true events, Corey uses his animals in each story to teach valuable lessons to kids.

The Case of the Missing Bone

In The Case of the Missing Bone, an irresistible smell coming from her neighbor’s yard tempts Chix. She decides to follow her nose, but soon finds herself in a sticky situation with one of her best friends. Chix must learn one of life’s most valuable lessons. Join her and the rest of the gang as they teach you about the importance of honesty, friendship, and doing the right thing.


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